A Power Scrubber Can Make Car Cleaning a Breeze

Car washes can cost too much and no one likes waiting in line for anything. A power scrubber can give you the same results at home without the wait or expense that comes with a standard drive-through car wash. These scrubbers are lightweight and easy to use, making car washing fun and fast.

There are two basic models of the power scrubber and depending on your needs, the right one is waiting. The basic model is water powered and the slightly more expensive one is a cordless version that uses a rechargeable battery. The brushes are made of soft material in order for the bristles to help get the car clean without scratching the paint or harming the trim. Bilrengøring

The water-powered version uses simple water pressure from the hose to rotate the brush, creating a gentle scrubbing action that is easy on the car’s finish. The optional soap dispenser allows for washing and rinsing of the vehicle to take place virtually at the same time. The trigger action lets the soap travel to the tip in the exact amount desired to get the car as clean as when it was new.

The cordless version of the power scrubber does not rely on the water pressure but instead uses a powerful variable speed motor to do the scrubbing. At a slower speed, this can double as a liquid wax applicator and then serve as a buffer by adding the optional buffer head attachment. This is an all-in-one car cleaning system that rivals those at the self-serve car washes frequently found on every street corner.

A power scrubber can make short work of car washing and polishing. There are many models and styles available and they all may be found online. There are also versions that have extending wands built in that make them perfect for truck or van washing…

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