How Safe Are Medically Configured Air Ambulance Jets To Fly On?

Aviophobia is the fear of flying, which can be a real concern that will make air ambulances somewhat a non-option for those who have such a fear. This ambulance services is mainly to get those critically injured or ill to the hospital in the shortest time possible. However, the statics from the National Institute of Mental Health showed that 25 million American have a huge fear of speaking in public with the fear of flying coming in second place.

Such statistics beg the question why so many people fear flying. This also begs the question what can be done for people who are meant to be flown for medical attention by air and are scared of flying. One answer to such questions is the fact that people with aviophobia tend to have other phobias such as claustrophobia (the fear of being confined in small spaces) or acrophobia (the fear of heights). While safety fearing the plane crashing which is a rare occurrence yet one that is overly publicized by the media. Others are scared of flying over water masses or at night.

What are the issues related to air safety linked to air ambulance services? Flying Magazine said that twelve chopper air ambulances crashed in 2008. These are just a few of the many other flight options used in air ambulance business. The jets bring in a better, faster, and safer way of transporting patients. In addition, top air ambulance service companies prefer the use of jets because they are far safer but they also take extra measures to ensure complete safety and comfort for all on-board the plane. non emergency ambulance

Today’s planes such as the Learjet 60 are equipped with advanced avionics that help detect various elements and issues that can hamper a smooth flight. Being a two-man flight crew plane, the flight is fast and comfortable cruising at higher altitudes than most planes to evade bad weather and terrain and even congested airways.

Top companies that run business jets in the area of air ambulance services are ranked by ARGUS Inc., an aviation company with a global status that vets jet operators companies rating them under Platinum being the best then Gold-Plus, and Gold holding the third place. ARGUS uses a strict vetting standards to rate the operators based on their on-site safety measures, pilot credentials, and the operations safety records.

People with aviophobia can ease their minds when they know that they are on an air ambulance operated by a company given the best rating for their services by ARGUS. These companies have scored highly in outstanding safety, having fully qualified and experienced flight crew and staff, quality air ambulance medical services, use the modern planes to transport patients, and a spotless track record in timely delivery of patients to hospitals.

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