Keychain Hidden Nanny Spy Cameras Give Surveillance While Away

Covering your home and office with CCTV security cameras definitely goes a long way towards providing security for yourself and family. However, you are not always at home, so there may be times while you are away where security or spy camera video might help you. Fortunately, there is a new breed of hidden cameras that can provide you with video recording no matter where you may be. These spy cameras come in various shapes and sizes and deliver video and even audio recording at the press of a button. Now you can keep evidence of what happens, even while you are away from home.

Keychain hidden nanny spy cameras are a very popular option for security cameras on the go. These tiny cameras are small enough to be built inside of a standard looking keychain or key fob, and some can deliver resolutions of video recording even up to 1080P high definition. Built inside each of these tiny spy cameras is a completely concealed DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and a pinhole style camera, as well as a microSD card slot to allow you to record video and then play it back on a PC later with a standard card reader. acrylic keychain

Many of these new hidden nanny spy cameras, which are built into a standard looking keychain, even include motion detection style recording. With a motion detection style recording, you can simply charge up the battery of the device and set it down where you need recording. The built-in motion sensor in the device will then wait until motion is detected before it begins recording video and audio onto the concealed microSD card. This helps to conserve battery life as well as recording space to get the optimal amount of video and audio recording on a battery charge. It can also help reduce the time required to playback the video, because it will only create video files when motion is actually detected.

While these nanny cameras are not as robust as some of the more permanent wired-style spy cameras, which can record continuously because they are constantly supplied with power, these cameras certainly still provide a valuable service as they are much easier to conceal and carry around. Many of the hidden keychain style nanny cameras even have a battery life up to 3-4 hours on a single battery charge and can sometimes last even longer than that on models that have motion detection capabilities built-in. With a hidden nanny cam inside a keychain, you can easily provide recording of video and audio no matter where you may travel, from your home to your office or anywhere in-between. Keep a powerful security camera with you at all times.

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