Machinery in Food Processing and Beverages For Enhanced Production

It has been established in all related segments of these industries that modern technology in the shape of high tech machinery for production of ethnic and innovative products at a towering speed with hygiene and international standards, is the imperative road to success. In relation to the whole processing chain in food processing and beverages, the developing technology is now playing unavoidable role, whether it be processing technology, food safety and quality management, packaging technology, automation, operating materials, environmental technology, components, assemblies, cooling equipments etc. The Industry, giving a regular and positive response, is finding that the latest machinery are leading towards improved production in cost effective manner. food processing machinery

Along with the acceptance of machinery manufactured in India, industry players are finding the foreign technology from German, Italy, Switzerland, European countries, USA, Taiwan, and China etc. quit suitable for Indian atmosphere and their requirements. According to the foreign manufacturers and Indian companies, dealing in export and import of machinery to India, the Indian Food Processing and beverages industry is filled with far above the ground opportunities. They are continuously exploring to sell their latest machines and equipments to all kinds of small, medium and big industry players. Also, the Indian technology and its high tech machinery are trying profoundly to reach world standards through better acceptance and use resulting into high quality production. Still there is huge gap, in this concern, between big industry players and smaller ones, due to many constraints like lack of finance, weak guidance, and imbalanced marketing attitudes etc. restricted them from joining the mainstream. Despite the above constraint, the middle and small industry segment is taking deep interest in this direction with efforts to reach a reasonable level.

There have been focuses on more hygienic way of production, which can give consistent products in terms of quality. Once automation takes place, consistency comes into focus. More the consistency, the better is the product. These are innovation challenges, being brought into the industry and industry is responding in positive way regarding these challenges. Two of the important aspects to be considered well before opting for any technology are:

a. Availability of raw material.
b. The readiness in the market.

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