Pepper Spray Keychains, Your First Line of Personal Defense

When it comes to personal safety, there is no better person for the job than yourself. Personal defense is important for everyone to understand and practice, no matter their age or gender. There is no rhyme nor reason to when a personal attack will happen, and individuals who value life and limb would do well to become acquainted with various personal defense options available. You don’t have to learn black belt karate to get started either!

Something as simple as a pepper spray keychain is enough to get you started toward relying on yourself for safety. This small and simple device can prove to be the difference between a close call and a personal attack. A pepper spray keychain is exactly like it acrylic keychain

sounds, a small pepper spray device that hangs from your keychain, and is at hand and easily accessible. This self defense option proves to be ideal for most people’s day-to-day safety needs, as most people have their keys with them throughout the day. While it may never be used, it is always there, and always ready to repel an attack, no matter if that attack comes from a rabid animal or a would be thief, or worse.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the one you choose is going to depend on personal preference. A pepper spray keychain will generally be available in a half ounce size, although they may be available in larger sizes depending on the maker. A half ounce size is good for five 1-second bursts, which is enough to stop an attacker in his, her, or its tracks, giving you enough time to escape. Most models are effective up to eight feet, allowing you to stop a potential attacker before he, she, or it even gets close enough to harm you.

Keychain models come with or without holsters. Holsters are either the injection molded type or the leatherette holster type. Both of these come in a variety of colors as well. And if you prefer not to have a holster, there are also pepper spray keychain models that are as simple as a can on a keychain. No matter what type you choose, its incredibly important to make sure you have one on your keys at all times. It’s also important to makes sure the ones you love have one as well: daughters, wives, and husbands too; women aren’t the only ones who become victims of attacks.

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