Quality Truck and Trailer Parts Play a Role in Travelling Safety

Truck drivers have a very demanding and dangerous job because they have to be on the road all day long. They are not mentally fit as they need to concentrate on the road, be aware of their surroundings, their truck load and of other vehicles on the road. Much of their safety depends on the dependability of the truck that they are driving and this extends to the trailer as well. In other words, is the truck in sound condition, are all the truck and trailer parts fitted correctly, are all the truck parts new or in good condition?

The correct truck parts that are in good condition can make the difference in the truck driver’s safety and the safety of other road users. If a certain truck or trailer part has been replaced with a sub-standard product that could affect the functioning of the truck and trailer. This could lead to irreparable damage to the vehicle. It is imperative that these parts are replaced with quality parts that are strong and reliable. wholesale trailer parts

Truck and trailer parts do play a role in travelling safely on the roads. So which parts should you check and consider replacing if they are not in optimum condition?

Trailer axles and suspensions. Opt for trailer axles that have outboard brake drums, equal size large diameter wheel bearings and dust-proofed seal bushing. It is also good to have the axles which include self-aligned spherical camshaft bearings for extra comfort. Before choosing the correct axle, make sure that you take the load capacity in consideration. You want to ensure that the axle will be able to carry your load. With suspensions consider ones that are strong, robust and long lasting. They need to be able to cater for maximum usage over a rough terrain with heavy loads.

Airbrake equipment and fittings. These include Suzi-coils, air-tanks, rubber hoses, the brass/steel fittings, brake boosters, diaphragms, nylon tubing and quick couplers. It is important to take of what the parts are made of when making your choice. Find airbrake parts where the main spring is specially coated with zinc phosphate base and e-coated for maximum corrosion protection. Opt for a diaphragm which is made of high quality contaminate-resistant rubber and a centre seal that provides maximum protection against air leaks and retains lubricants to extend life.

If you want to ensure the travelling safety of your truck drivers when transporting large loads of cargo across the county, check all the truck and trailer parts. Then replace the ones that need to be in optimum working condition.

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