Tile and Grout Cleaning Tools and a Tool Review

Tile and Grout Cleaning Tool Review: Deciding Which Brush to Use

Many people clean their grout with a toothbrush and wipe the adjacent tile with a sponge or a mop. While they may get fine results, having the right tile and grout cleaning tools will make the job easier and likely result in cleaner tile and grout.

Small grout brushes often look like larger, wider toothbrushes with stiffer bristles, but they are designed specifically to get into the narrow grout lines and tight corners. The bristles are often tapered to improve cleaning performance and keep them on the grout, not the tile. Some have u-shaped or curved ends to make it easier to do corners and other tricky areas.

Triangle-shaped grout brushes consist of a triangle of plastic with one side having stiff bristles and the other two for holding. Some can be attached to a handle for improved reach and to allow you to clean without being on your hands and knees. They are larger than the smaller brushes, so they will get the job done a little faster, though they can be tricky to use in corners. Most aprons have a hundred pockets or so – all kinds of places to put the cleaning tools of the trade. I’ve seen some people use them like that. But I don’t do it. I wear an apron to protect my clothes, but I’ve never found it particularly efficient to be lugging around all kinds of tools clipped to me. The idea is to get the job done as quickly as possible – having everything in your pockets inhibits movement and just gets in the way. Keeping your home clean

Professional brushes look similar to mops and brooms but are designed for tiled surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen or other areas of the house. Many have heads that are narrow and thin to easily get under table legs or other obstacles and rotate to make maneuvering tight areas like behind the toilet easier. Look for ones with v-shaped bristles to do the best job of cleaning the grout. Some are two-sided with one side for use on the grout and the other side for the tile. These are very convenient for doing floors as you can easily clean the grout and tile at the same time without switching tools.

Power brushes significantly decrease the time and effort you put into cleaning because the tool provides most of the cleaning action. You can choose roller brushes, scouring pads, sponges and other similar attachments to give you all the flexibility you need to clean different tiled areas. The handheld ones are fairly lightweight and easy to hold. The batteries are easy to replace and will usually give you around ½ an hour of cleaning time before needed to be replaced or recharged. You can also find ones with longer handles or on telescoping poles that adjust to different heights and arm lengths.

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