Top 13 Hidden Fees You Might Surprisingly Have to Pay When Returning Your Rented Car

Be sure to do a thorough read of the small print and ask plenty of questions when it comes to car hire. Often a seemingly low daily rate can become a monster when it’s time to pay and all the hidden fees are calculated.


If the car needs to be returned with a full tank of petrol give yourself the time to get that done as refueling at the car hire company pumps will be more expensive.


Exactly what constitutes a clean car? Get a good understanding and a list if possible. Also check out the car before you leave with a company employee to identify any problems with cleanliness so you don’t get slugged with cleaning fees upon return for someone else’s mess. rent a car dubai airport


Ask about smoking inside the car. Even if it is fitted with ashtrays you may not be permitted to have cigarettes in the vehicle. Smoking leaves behind a strong odour and apart from an extra charge for smoking you will probably also face a large cleaning bill.

Unsealed roads

Get clear directions on where you can drive the vehicles and where you are not permitted to take it. Many unsealed roads are not allowable. If you have a breakdown or accident on one of these types of roads you will be charged and possibly the insurance voided.

Driver age

Under 25 years old will likely attract an extra fee, and that may be even higher if under 21.

Sales tax

This will vary from place to place but will likely not be avoided as it is a government charge. Be sure to ask about the rate of sales tax to avoid it becoming a hidden cost because you weren’t aware of it.


Insurance will always have several areas to consider. You will need to find out what extra insurance the company offers and see if your existing car insurance, any credit card provider coverage, or personal insurance policies may already cover you.

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