Top Myths About Furniture Mover Companies

It’s sometimes amazing how many misinformed rumours circulate about furniture mover companies and their policies or practices.

Here we will put some of those myths out to pasture!

All removals companies will automatically insure your household items

No, that’s not necessarily the case.

Almost all professional furniture mover companies will have third party liability cover, which means that they have insurance protection against situations such as where they have accidentally damaged your items or perhaps unintentionally caused injury to you or your family. pool table movers

What they may not provide, automatically, is any form of insurance cover for goods that are damaged in transit or whilst in storage.

This is a complex area and you should compare this insurance element carefully from one quotation to another.

Any moving company can provide expert and packing services

If only that were true!

Unfortunately, some may major very much on their uplift and transport services and may be rather less professional in the way they approach packing. It’s not unknown for some to simply call in casual labour ‘off the street’ to try and help pack household or commercial items.

If you wish to include professional packing in your removal, make sure that the companies you are looking at guarantee to offer verified professional packing services.

Removals companies always use secure short-term storage facilities

No, unfortunately they don’t.

You should be clear that there is potentially a very big difference between the idea of secure and protected storage units and “warehousing”. In the latter, your goods could be off loaded and placed into the corner of a much larger warehouse which is accessed by people frequently and for a large number of diverse purposes.

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