Epoxy Will Change The Look Of Your Interior

There are so many flooring techniques among them; Epoxy flooring looks incredible. Now Epoxy floor looks very alluring, and also it’s long-lasting. This type of flooring is mainly seen in business, commercial or industrial areas. Now people need to be cautious on those floors because they are also highly shiny and slippery. So if you are planning to run on that floor, you will surely stumble down in the middle.

How Is The Epoxy Floor Made?

These floors are mainly used for commercial and industrial purposes, so epoxy coatings are mainly applied on the smooth concrete floor to get that even and shiny texture to make it long-lasting, exceptional, and even so they can resist heavy loads. Before applying the epoxy coating, all the cracks or rugged surfaces must be repaired; only they can apply the coating. Now in many industrial belts, these floors were made so that they can smoothly drag the heavy trolly. As on these floors, everything will move very fast and smoothly.

It has been seen that epoxy floors are also used in kitchen areas on the slab, which automatically enhances the beauty of the kitchen, but try not to splash more water on those slabs; try to keep it a bit try because it can hamper the surface of the floor. Try to be a bit careful in handling the heavy utensils as their sudden drop on the floor can lead to a crack on those shiny slabs or floor. Walk cautiously on the floor; as I mentioned earlier, it’s a bit slippery.

Now there are many advantages and disadvantages of Epoxy flooring.


  • Epoxy floor(พื้นอีพ็อกซี่, which is the term in Thai) does not cost any maintenance charge. Once applied, it will last for a very long time.
  • Applying Epoxy in your garage can help you save your car tires. The material that is used in that coating protects the tires.
  • Epoxy has wide varieties like granite, marbled, and metallic so that it adds an extra shine to your floor.
  • It remains in excellent condition for years; it depends on how you handle it.


  • After applying the Epoxy on the floor, it takes too much time to dry, at least three days if the room is big. Now, if you have applied it in a small area, it will dry up within one day.
  • Try not to spill any water on those floors; it’s very slippery anyone can hurt their back.

Epoxy floors look elegant whenever applied, and if you experiment with different colours, they will look more appealing.