How To Make The Most Of Your Single Wide Mobile Home?

It has been said that a home is where a person finds loving surroundings, security, and a stable base. However, that is the emotional meaning of a home. The choice of a perfect home for a specific person will depend on their budget, the size of his family, specific housing goals, etc.

History Of The Manufactured Home Industry And Single-Wide Mobile Home

The cities in the 19th century were polluted mainly due to the use of coal as power. Only the rich could get away from the city pollution to the countryside. However, with the invention of the automobile, mobile homes became popular in the early 20th century. After the 2nd Word war, mobile homes solved the housing crisis.

Around the mid-1970s, the US Congress brought the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Act into effect. Laws were created to create quality housing facilities through efficient energy utilization and building standards. Most of the homes that came under the law were not at all mobile. A licensed installer transported the homes. A single wide mobile home is the best entry-level option in the manufactured housing industry.

The Evolution Of The Mobile Home Industry

High-quality single-wide and double-wide home factory manufactured homes are available in the current market scenario. The manufactured home industry has evolved to such an extent that even triple-wide homes, two-story homes, etc., are manufactured on a chassis. The industry is so advanced that these large homes can be manufactured in a factory and transported in divided segments by several transport trucks.

Why Should You Buy A Mobile Home?

  • Mobile home has 500 to 1200 square feet of space and is the most pocket-friendly home option.
  • If a home-owner wants their mobile home fixed, it can be fixed securely on the ground.
  • However, mobile homes which have been fixed in one location can be moved to another location and can get fixed in that location.
  • A mobile home is good for the environment as it has a shallow carbon footprint.

How Can You Increase The Resale Value Of Your Mobile Home?

  • It will have lower maintenance costs if you customize your single-wide mobile hometo have a pitched roof. Its resale value will also get enhanced.
  • Using good weather-coated paint in aesthetic color combinations will keep it low maintenance.
  • Ensure you check the energy rating of the electrical appliances you install in your mobile home. This will make your home highly energy efficient. You can also invest in high-quality insulation and draft-proofing.
  • Customize your mobile home to make it as low-maintenance as possible. Take the help of a professional so that it does not violate any Government rules and regulations.
  • You can consider adding a porch and some simple landscaping to make your mobile home more aesthetically pleasing to the camera and the buyer. Why camera? Likely, buyers will first see your property online before paying a visit.
  • You can also keep a long-term view of placing it on land you own or will buy. This will make it an actual piece of real estate. The value of the actual real estate is much higher than a single-wide mobile homeon a chassis or rented land.


You may not want to sell your home. However, treating it as an asset for resale will also make it a better living space for you.