7 Ideas For Getting More Use Out Of Your Garden

Aside from those occasionally sunny days, we tend to let our gardens remain empty. Some will choose to grow resourcefully, claiming the occasional herb or vegetable from their patch, but even then visits to this outside space are only infrequent.

At a time when property value is high and homeowners should be getting as much from their investment as possible, it is important that gardens are designed to be as useful as possible, with homeowners spending time in them, or making use of them, all year round. Here are seven ways that can be done.

Dining Area

Residents can find themselves spending more time outdoors if they have the facilities to do so. One of the most regular ways to accomplish this is to create an outdoor dining area, perhaps one that is partially covered and protected from the wind. Such a setting will encourage residents to take their meals or coffee breaks outdoors, especially if there is a wonderful view too.


With sustainability being the hot topic of the modern landscape, homeowners would do well to take some matters into their own hands. Composting is a great example because it not only supports a home’s carbon neutrality but also produces a robust source of compost that can then be used for a garden.


There is a growing trend of outbuildings across neighbourhoods. More homeowners are seeing the advantages that log cabins, shed renovations, annexes, and summer houses are offering to residents, giving them space for creativity, professional pursuits, and hosting guests. These structures are also becoming more affordable and, with a number of interesting design ideas being shared online, their potential seems endless too.

Solar Power

The addition of a few solar panels in a garden, such as those mounted to an outbuilding roof, can generate enough power to recharge ebikes, recharge devices, or even power luxurious features such as robot grass mowers and sprinkler systems.

Get Gastronomic

It isn’t just dining outdoors that can encourage more use of a garden space but cooking too. Pizza ovens are becoming more compact and efficient, as are smokers, as has been demonstrated by the Green Egg, all of which is leading to a culinary revolution at home with residents growing their own ingredients and cooking them in their very own garden spaces.

Host Wildlife

If you are certain that little would encourage you to spend more time in your garden, then it is perhaps a good idea to share the space with others. Hedgehog hotels, birdhouses, and bat boxes are each simple structures to create and install but can make an immense difference to the creatures looking for accommodation.

Outdoor Screenings

With a projector, the exterior of a home can easily become an outdoor cinema. One may only need a sheet or projector screen and they can begin watching films in their garden, hosting friends and family for movie experiences.

Since these do need to take place at night, it can be worth investing in headphones too, so as not to keep the neighbours up with all the action.