Ways To Remove Termites From Your Home

There are many methods for controlling a termite infestation at home because termites are pests. The sort of termites in issue, the severity of the infestation you may be experiencing, and finally, the termites’ location will all be considered when choosing an extermination technique. The following are the top effective ways to get rid of termite infestation in Singapore:


This termite control method is the most effective and serious one available. In general, it is employed to eradicate severe dry wood termite infestations. The house must be evacuated for at least 2 to 5 days before fumigating since the gases are frequently lethal and poisonous. It also requires that the house be taped before being fumigated. Fumigation is typically highly successful and lasting since the gas penetrates the wood structures. Still, it is also more expensive than other techniques.


Even though it has a reputation for being the most successful at eliminating termites since it typically eliminates the whole colony at home, this treatment is typically the least hazardous. The termites are killed by the bait as soon as they start eating it; this approach does not simply rely on killing termites on the surface. One inserts tubes with termite baiting in the grounds surrounding the home. The bait should be continuously observed from time to time. Professionals can assist in setting up the traps to increase the likelihood of success.

Liquid Therapy

There are a variety of liquid treatments on the market that are injected into the soil around the foundations or slabs where termites reside. The amount of toxicity and odour in the solutions used varies. Among the liquid agents that are readily available, pyrethroids and even organophosphates may be used. We need to discuss the best approaches with experienced pest control specialists.

Borate Therapy

This is the best approach when renovating or repairing newly built or existing homes. Typically, the borate is put directly into the wood used for construction. Because termites cannot digest wood but rely on some protozoa in their gastrointestinal tract to break it down and remove the nutrients, using sodium borate is very effective because it kills these crucial protozoa once it enters the termite’s digestive system, slowly starving the termites to death.


In conclusion, it is crucial for anybody interested in eliminating the termite threat from their house to speak with a pest control expert or business about the best approach to use, the typical cost, and the length of time the procedure will take. Because pest control entails using hazardous and deadly chemicals, one should also consult.