House Prices in Guildford

If you are planning to buy or invest in the Guildford property market, you are about to make the right move. Buying property in Guildford is one of the best moves you can make as an investor. The property market here has been experiencing an uptick, with the rental demand increasing.

You should consider buying your next house on this side of the UK for many reasons. You can put your money in many different places when you consider investing in Guildford real estate, as you are about to find out in this article.

The property market in Guildford 

When buying property in London and Guildford, you should consider hiring residential property lawyers in Guildford such as AVRillo to speed up the conveyancing process.

The Guildford property market is more diverse compared to other places in London. There are a lot of places you can invest in Guildford, which makes it unique. However, when investing here, you should expect higher house prices due to its proximity to London.

Based on the latest data from Zoopla, the average property price in Guildford is £629,482. There are different properties you can buy in this market. The property prices range as follows:

– Terraced: £455,402

– Semi-detached: £565,142

– Detached: £1,058,648

– Flats: £229,981

The house prices in Guildford have been going up for the last couple of years. According to statistics from Rightmove, the overall house sold price in Guildford has gone up by 3% for 2021 and up by 9% for the 2018 peak of £534,835.

Where to buy property in Guildford 

Guildford is a family-friendly town, and most people always look forward to living in this part of the city. There are nearby villages like Shalford and Bramley where you can consider buying property and living close to the capital. Here are some places you should consider when buying property in Guildford.

Burpham: This is an area where you can find many shopping stores and supermarkets. There is also the George Abbot School that is located within the area. You can also enjoy life in the Sutherland Memorial Park. Burpham is a historic village centre that makes life enjoyable here.

Shamley Green: This is another village not that far from Guildford. The property prices here are a bit on the high end but still worth the move. This beautiful village offers you some of the reputable schools in London, making it an ideal option for those moving with family.

Pewley Down: This is another highly desirable place you should live in the UK. This area has plenty of green space, offering you excellent views. You can find some of the most exclusive properties to buy in this area.

Why you should invest in Guildford property 

If you are moving out of London, you should face the south. Guildford is one of the amplest and most green areas you can enjoy living in the southern London. Here are some of the reasons you should think of buying property in this place:

1 – Plenty of schools 

There is a reason most homebuyers with families consider houses in Guildford when upsizing. This location has plenty of schools you can take your kids.

Some of the schools you can choose from include the Royal Grammar School for boys and girls, St. Catherine’s, and many others spread in different locations. You can also take your kids to George Abbott and Guildford County for quality education.

2 – Transport links 

Guildford’s good transport link is another reason you should invest in property here. It takes you about 35 minutes to travel by train to London. This makes it an ideal place to live and still commute to London. Guildford is also closer to A3, which makes it the best place for those who want to travel by sea.

3 – Good life 

Guildford is rich in history and culture that most people always look forward to exploring. There are a lot of shops, stores, and restaurants in this place that offer amenities and a place you can shop for fun.

If your family loves to stay outdoors, you can enjoy living in Guildford. There is plenty to enjoy here from food, entertainment, and sports.

Final Thoughts 

House prices in Guildford are high because of the increasing rental demand in this town. Its closeness to London also makes it a place that most people want to live.

When buying property in Guildford, you can consider having a conveyancing solicitor by your side to get the best deal and speed up the conveyancing process.